Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Don't Be that Guy or Girl Part I

Before I start I would like thank you for stopping by for my new endeavor.  Gone are the 5000 word ramblings and in its place is just me, thoughts with no real agenda except a vain attempt to be a bit humorous and that is stretching it to say the least.    Hench the title Random American Thoughts.  Sit back and enjoy the madness.  

I love to visit coffee shops.  Now they are the lairs of hipsters with full beards and Buddy Holly glasses waxing poetically about their views on oil after a semester of college.   But it is a small price to pay for good Wi-Fi and coffee.  Yet, there is a creature that lurks in every shop with only two restrooms, the restroom door loiter guy or girl.   It never fails that even with a sign that shows the restroom is occupied someone is going to get way too close to the door and wait.    Is there a more pathetic sight than that person just way too close to the door practically ear against listening for any sign the person is finished.  Lord knows I hate the sounds my body makes much less a total stranger who might be having a bad reaction to the vegan food their friend said would help with their toxin levels.  The loiterer tries to avoid eye contact but it usually fails because everyone sitting nearby or walking can tell they need to go to the can in the most urgent manner.  I might have more sympathy but the loiterer usually is the least socially aware person ever to exist.   I imagine they are the types who use to ask the teacher if there was extra credit to be had in poetry class or have coexist stickers on their car.  If you can do one thing in life it is not to be that guy or girl.   

As use to do I leave with a video clip.